Sites of Interest

  1. Old Headquarters
  2. Indian Massacre Site
  3. Pine River Dam
  4. Watertown Township Hall
  5. Ami Gould Ranch
  6. Historic Pine River Ford
  7. Horace Butterfield Home
  8. Alfred "Cod" Kimball Ranch
  9. Crosslake Area Historical Society
  10. Gordon-Schaust Embankment Prehistoric District
  11. Hellensburg Post Office and Stage Coach Stop
  12. Hellensburg School
  1. Gordon School
  2. Crosslake School 1907-1949
  3. Charlie Heath Store
  4. A. L. Stimson Home
  5. Crosslake Pavillion / Log Jam
  6. Moonlite Bay
  7. Crosslake School 1949-1965
  8. Manhattan Beach Hotel
  9. Crosslake Store
  10. Thunderbird Shop
  11. Flood of 1896
  1.  Old Headquarters 1888-1912
Encompassed approximately 200 acres in the area now known as Old Log Landing and Crosslake City Hall and Fire Department. The Crosslake logging railroad headquartered here, running north to Longville. Millions of feet of timber were brought into Crosslake and dumped into Cross Lake for the journey through the Pine River Dam, the Pine River to the Mississippi River and points south for milling. This logging camp had accommodations for up to 1,400 men. Plaque is located on City Hall property.
  2.  1801 Indian Massacre Site
This battle, between the Ojibwe and the Sioux, took place on the ice of Cross lake just off Highway 16 peninsula that runs between Cross and Rush Lakes. Plaque is located on Highway 16 about one half mile west of Highway 66
  3.  Pine River Dam - 1885 to present
Plaque is located on U.S. Corps of Engineer property on walkway to dam.
  4.  Watertown Township Hall 1923-1950
Plaque is located at junction of Highways 3 and 37. (Building has been moved to the Historic Log Village in Crosslake.)
  5.  Ami Gould Ranch 1870 to present
First homestead in Watertown Township. The original Gould home and some outbuildings still standing on property. Plaque is located on Highway 36 approximately one half mile east of Pine River bridge.
  6.  Historic Pine River Ford
The Indian trail that became the Old Tote Road in to the Crosslake area crossed the Pine River at this point. Plaque is located on the Pine River bank approximately one half mile south of the Pine River Dam.
  7.  Horrace Butterfield Home
Homesteaded in Fifty Lakes area in 1894, eventually moving his family to Watertown Township. Mr. Butterfield was postmaster and operated the Crosslake Post Office at this site from 1916-1920. Plaque located at junction of highways 3 and 37. Original home still standing on property.
  8.  Alfred "Cod" Kimball Ranch 1880
Located on Pelican Creek, south of Crosslake on Highway 3. "Cod" Kimball was a legendary figure in the early logging days of Crosslake. The original log home, built to replace the log ranch house that was destroyed in the Pine River Dam break of 1896, still stands on property. Plaque located at sie.
  9.  Crosslake Area Historical Society Museum Grounds
The Historic Log Village is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, Saturdays and Sundays, 11AM to 4PM.
  10.  Gordon-Schaust Embankment Prehistoric District
On National Register of Historic Places. Two separate linear mound groups which lie almost parallel to each other. Located in a wildlife sanctuary on the south end of Cross Lake. N.E. 1/4 of Sec. 32-137-27.
  11.  Hellensburg Post Office and Stage Coach Stop
Located approximately where Cedar Chest Restaurant is on Highway 3. Existed from July, 1900 until the death of Postmaster George Frost, in 1908.
  12.  Hellensburg School 1899-1918
District 58 - Log School was located just south of Highway 103 and a bit west of Highway 3 on the William Gordon property. Building burned in 1918.
  13.  Gordon School 1918-1949
Frame building replace Hellensburg School after fire. This school was located on the southeast corner of junction of Highways 3 and 37. (presently an auto garage on site.)
  14.  Crosslake School 1907-1949
District 99 - this school is sometimes referred to as the "Stowe" School or "Moonlite Bay" School. School district purchased property from the Stowe family. School was located at the junction of Highways 66 and 16, approximately where Moonlite Bay parking lot is today.
  15.  Charlie Heath Store 1904
First store in Watertown Township. Located at the junction of Highways 3 and 37. Approximate site of today's Barstock Liquor Store.
  16.  A. L. Stimson Home
Built by A. L. Stimson, long-time owner of the Crosslake Store, postmaster and builder of the Crosslake Pavilion which became the Log Jam. Later lived in by Stimson's son-in-law, Morrie Swann and family, then by Morrie's granddaughter and her husband and family. The house still stands on private property on Highway 3 behind Andy's Restaurant and Liquor Store.
  17.  Crosslake Pavilion / Log Jam 1933-1971
Landmark dance hall located at present site of The Log Jam, formerly the Exchange on Highway 66. Destroyed by fire in 1971.
  18.  Moonlite Bay 1933 to present
Landmark dance hall located at present site of Moonlite Bay Restaurant at junction of Highways 66 and 16. Original building destroyed by fire in 1984.
  19. Crosslake School 1949 - 1965
Districts 58 and 99 combined as District 99. Building was purchased by the Village of Crosslake and used as the town hall for several years. Located at present site of Crosslake Post Office.
  20.  Manhattan Beach Hotel 1926 to present
Portion of original building still standing. Located in the City of Manhattan Beach, on Highway 66.
  21.  Crosslake Store 1926 to present
A.L. Stimson purchased the old Heath Store at the junction of Highways 3 and 37 in 1925. In 1926 he built a new store at the junction of Highways 3 and 66. Stimson, his son-in-law, Morrie Swann and then Morrie's son, Tom, operated the store for over 30 years at this location. The Crosslake Post Office was also housed at this location. The store was purchased by John and Albin Andolshek in 1956 and operated as the Crosslake Store and Andy's Restaurant. The grocery portion of the business closed, but the building still houses Andy's Restaurant and Liquor Store. A portion of the original building remains.
  22.  The Thunderbird Shop 1949 to present
This building began life as the ice house behind the Crosslake Store. In 1949 it was moved to its present site, rebuilt and managed by Tom and Nat Swann as the Thunderbird Shop until 1958. The building operated for one season as the Fabris House (1959) and then became the Crosslake Post Office from 1960 to 1990. It has since housed a sandwich shop, a chiropractic office and is presently Crosslake Coffee.
  23.  Flood of 1896
On June 18, 1896, due to high water in the Whitefish Chain Reservoir and heavy spring rains, a dike on the west side of Cross Lake gave way. Water rushed through Star Lake into Long Lake (known today as the Ossawinnamakee Chain) and on into Pelican Brook. Considerable flooding occurred, huge trees were uprooted and the homestead of "Cod" Kimball, located on Pelican Brook, suffered much damage. Old tales tell of the lakes of the Whitefish Chain being reduced to mud puddles. The entire dike system was rebuilt beteween 1897 and 1914. And, of course, many times since.